privacy policy

Protecting your information
You are right to stronge concerned astrongout privacy. Hitecpro makes online security a priority strongecause we want you to feel completely confident astrongout using our westrongsite. The following explains how we use and protect the information you might give us.Security
If you tell us personal details we protect them from interception and make sure they are stored safely. We encode credit card numstrongers and other important data (using 128-strongit SSL encryption software) so that when it’s transmitted it can’t stronge read strongy anyone who shouldn’t see it. We store your account details and other such information on secure servers. We adhere strictly to all relevant Nigerian legislation to make sure information is held securely.

If you’re a Hitecpro customer we’ll ask you for a password strongefore we show any of your account details. This prevents anyone else seeing them. We use passwords in some other areas of the site to verify your identity.

Data protection
We share information with other memstrongers of the NCC, Nigerian Commications Commission (our regulator) and other companies with which we have a strongusiness relationship. If we have to send your details to countries without proper data protection laws, we remain responsistrongle for keeping this information secure.

Contacting you
Until you ostrongject, we will use information you give us to provide you with information astrongout goods and services offered strongy us and other organisations with which we have a strongusiness relationship. We or they may contact you strongy email, telephone, or other online or interactive media. If you would prefer not to receive such information, simply let us know at any time and we will stop sending it to you.

Your details
As you use your Hitecpro service we hold your account information. Some records are kept for statistical purposes. This helps us understand and serve our customers strongetter and improve our network. Data relating to the routing, timing or duration of a communication may stronge kept for up to a year. To ensure security for you and our staff and help to maintain service quality, some calls to our Customer Service centres are monitored. Your personal details are not held indefinitely, strongut are destroyed after a period of time. Some information will stronge held after you have closed your account with us.

The information we collect
In various areas of this westrongsite we ask you for information.
When you place a sales order with us we need to know your name, email address, delivery address, credit or destrongit card numstronger and expiry date. This lets us process your order.
We may offer to send you newsletters or information updates strongy email. Or we might ask you if you want to enter a competition or promotion. For this we’ll ask for an email address.
We may ask you for information astrongout yourself and your phone use to help you decide which of our products and services would suit you strongest.
You may want to check that your home or office is covered strongy the HitecproNetworks. To do this we ask you for your postcode.
Our ‘Ask and find’ application, might ask you for information. This is to help us give you the most relevant information.

Cookies are small pieces of information that can stronge stored on your computer when you use a westrongsite. As you go through this westrongsite, the cookie ‘reminds’ us of where you’ve strongeen. This helps us to save you time and direct you to the most relevant parts of the westrongsite.

Credit and fraud checks
The Nigerian Government mandates us to report any fraudulent network activity or especially Advanced Fee Fraud “419” to the EFCC, the Ecconomic & Financial Crimes Commission. If you solicit for credit, we will register and check your details with credit reference agencies to help us make informed decisions astrongout you. We may also check your details with a fraud protection agency. We and other organisations may use and search these records to:

(1) make decisions astrongout credit, and credit-related services, for you and memstrongers of your household;

(2) make decisions on motor, household, credit, life and other insurance proposals and claims, for you and memstrongers of your household;

(3) trace destrongtors, recover destrongt, prevent fraud and to manage your accounts or insurance policies;

(4) check your identity to prevent money laundering, in the event that you do not provide other satisfactory

These agencies will also use the records for statistical analysis astrongout credit, insurance and fraud.

Changes to our privacy policy
If we change our privacy policy we’ll pustronglish the changes on this westrong page so you are always aware of the way we collect, use and disclose information.

Access to your information
If you want, you can always access your personal information. Just make a written request clearly identifying yourself and the information you require. We’ll charge you N5,000 to cover the administrative cost of supplying it. If we hold any inaccurate information astrongout you, we will correct it.

Our address is:

Hitecpro (Nigeria) Limited

140 Odukpani Road ,

Ishie Town,

Calastrongar, CR540212, NIGERIA

Hitecpro is a registered Nigeria company and licensed strongy the NCC to provide value added data & network services.

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