Why Hitecpro

Hitecpro Limited provides communication services for more than 30 reliable agencies around the city of Calabar and beyond. We are the Country’s only full service Internet carrier provider with capabilities to handle the clear-free calling technology and a great reliable surfing lightening speed connection using the internet backbone and its proprietary technology. Hitecpro Limited provides customized client plan to suit your demand and a backbone technology service to the State.

Established in September 1999, we are headquartered in Los Angeles, California. We are currently the exclusive Internet service provider to actively converge data/voice traffic both domestically and internationally using our Broadband technology.

Using the Best equipment to merge the pending IT problems our quality line includes:

  1. Lightning-quick Internet access.
  2. Download in as fast as 3 seconds what used to take over several minutes.
  3. Exceptional value.
  4. Broadband pricing plans start at just N10, 000.00 per month for low bandwidth networks/ depending on your needs.
  5. Performance and reliability
  6. HITECPRO’s exclusive IntelliSpeed technology provides reliable, high-performance broadband wireless service.
  7. You are “always connected” to the Internet 24/7.
  8. No more busy signals/underground cable saga. Just one click and you’re online 24-hours/day, 7-days a week.
  9. Online access for the entire establishment.
  10. Set up individual user logons for each staff and manage your networks at will.

It just gets even better by the day. Now Hitecpro plans up an archieval project of Networking a wire free community within the ancient city of Calabar, just with the same goal as when we started. It is sure promising becuase as easy as it will be, you will be able to browse from anywhere within the city of calabar. Be it at work or at play Hitecpro will be found right inside your pockets.

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