Wi-Fi Access for Business

Hitecpro’s range of high speed solutions are designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. All services offer foll broadband speeds, oltra-reliable connectivity, business-class features like static IP addresses,dialup, Priority Business Support that’s available 24/7, and more!

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Small Office DSL

  1. For small businesses with up to 5 employees/Computers
  2. Downloads up to 3Mbps; the router connects your whole office/Establishment.

Business DSL

  1. Dedicated access for small and medium businesses
  2. Available in moltiple speeds (equal upload/download)
  3. Industry-leading SLA guarantees 99.9% uptime

Enterprise T1/T3

  1. For medium or large-scale businesses
  2. T1, fractional-T1, T3, or OC3 Internet access options
  3. Best-in-class SLA: 99.99% uptime guarant

Small Office DSL Plus

  1. Connects up to 8 office computers—no additional phone lines needed
  2. Dedicated circuit doesn’t interfere with PBX or third-party voice service
  3. Downloads up to 6Mbps – 100+ times faster than dial-up (based on the average speed between 28.8K and 56K modems)

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